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Centers around the world

Drukpa Kagyu Center of Tibetan Buddhism was founded in 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by The Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche and His Eminence Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche, and has been directed by Gerardo Abboud since then. At present it has branches in Bariloche, Tandil and Rosario.

In all these Centers regular meetings are held for the practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism.

In 1997 Dongyuling in Tandil completed the construction of the first Stupa in Argentina. This monument, representing Buddha’s enlightened mind, was consecrated that same year by His Eminence Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche during his fourth visit to this country.

On december 2005, another Stupa was consecrated in San Carlos de Bariloche by
His Eminence the Ninth Drukpa Choengon Rinpoche Chokyi Senge.

Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
bariloche Stupa

The Center is frequently visited by its founding Lamas and also by His Eminence the Third Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche and His Eminence the Ninth Drukpa Choengon Rinpoche Chokyi Senge.

More information can be found at www.dongyuling. com.ar

Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
Relics inside Stupa


Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche In Tibet
In Tibet
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche In Pilgrimage
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Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche Jangchub Jong
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