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Jangchub Jong
The Dorzong Monastic Institute

Dorzong Monastic Institute (DMI),
JANGCHUB JONG, - under the direction of   The Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche - is located near Gopalpur village in the Valley of Kangra, 20 km from the city of Dharamshala in Northern India, in an extremely beautiful area covered with cedar forests, at the foot of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

The unequalled Buddha Shakyamuni, through his undiscriminating loving kindness and compassion towards all sentient beings, gave many teachings according to each of their abilities in order to find peace and enlightenment. To preserve Buddhism in general and the Drukpa Kagyu Linage in particular as well as to keep its unique tradition alive, for the sake of all sentient beings, The Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche decided to create the Dorzong Monastic Institute.

Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
original view of Jangchub Jong before construction  

DMI helps interested students of the Himalayan border hill areas like Zangskar, Lahoul-Spiti, Kinnour, etc. , as well as Tibetans residing in India, to study and practice Buddha Dharma, the tradition of their ancestors. From time to time, there are also seminars addressed to people from abroad. The DMI gives seminars and lectures on Buddhist teachings and it provides  Dharma activities, such as Dharma book publications, translation of Buddhist teachings and publishing of rare important Buddhist texts translations; as well as teaching Ethics, Art and Tibetan language. It also hold Buddhist Festivals, Pujas and Ceremonies. Furthermore, DMI provides medical aid to the needy local  population.

In this way, The Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche hopes that the Buddhist doctrine will flourish like fresh beauty in spring and that it will remain so forever.

The construction includes a Buddha vihara, stupas, seminar halls, staff offices, a teachers´ residence, a hostel for students, kitchens, stores, a library, archives, art gallery and a public health centre.

Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
View - november 2009

The Main Stupa of the Immaculated Light Dharanis was inaugurated in a ceremony held on December 29th 2006, in the presence of The Ninth Kyabje Khamtrul Rinpoche, the Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche, His Eminence Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche, Tokdens, yogis , monks and nuns from Khampagar Monastery and the DMI as well as lay people  from the Tashi Jong Community and other places. Auspiciously held on a day with beautiful weather, the inaguration ceremony was followed by the ritual entering of the "u-ma" (center nerve) of the Kshitagarbha Stupa, in preparation for its completion. (see Stupa of Immaculated Light Dharanis’ description and contents)

To properly administer the fiscal and management  requirements for the DMI , the Dorzong Monastic Institute Charitable Trust (DMICT) was created. DMICT´s main objective is to construct, maintain, alter, improve and develop buildings for the welfare of the Institute and students, teachers, staff and Dharma practitioners.

DMICT accepts, collects and administers, in an appropriate and legal manner, donations, contributions, grants or subscriptions received in India and/or abroad, in cash or in kind, from any person (s), body of persons or trust, who would like to support and contribute to the  DMI.

Ceremony of the Fundation Stone of the Dorzong Buddhist Monastic Institute laid by The Honorable Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Raja Virbhadra Singh on 5th December 2003

The Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche and The Honorable Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Raja Virbhadra Singh



Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
General View with mountains
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
main Temple - november 2009 -
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
Bodhi tree - may 2008
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche
Sangha House - may 2008



Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche In Tibet
In Tibet
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche In Pilgrimage
In Pilgrimage
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche Main Temple
Main Temple
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Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche Standing Buddha
Standing Buddha
Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche Jangchub Jong
Jangchub Jong